# Other languages

Android: Mainnet library is not available for Android. Use bitcoincashj (opens new window)

iOS: Mainnet library is not available for iOS. No idea what to use here.

Other Languages:

With a limited budget, we are mainly concentrated on developing mainnet library for JavaScript, but as an added bonus we decided to build a REST server that will allow other languages to access the Bitcoin Cash network too using the same code.

We're using OpenAPI generators, which allows you to build clients for dozens of programming languages, or you can use the REST API directly.

All these clients (PHP, Go, Python, etc...) can't sign transactions or generate private keys, they are thin REST wrappers and defer all important tasks to the REST server.

Here's how this works:

The docs for specific REST methods are here (opens new window).

We are automatically generating some clients, namely:

...and we'll be adding to this list soon.

To build the client for another language, run the following commands:

git clone https://github.com/mainnet-cash/mainnet-js.git
yarn api:build:client $lang

Where $lang is the language you want to build, see here (opens new window) for the list