# Bitcoin Cash: The people

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Satoshi Nakamoto - original creator of Bitcoin (opens new window) (from which Bitcoin Cash originates (opens new window))

Roger Ver - arguably the biggest fan and promoter of Bitcoin Cash, founder of Bitcoin.com (opens new window)

Freetrader - the original developer along with Amaury Séchet (not to be confused with freetrade, creator of member.cash)

Tom Zander - developer of Flowee The Hub (opens new window)Indexer (opens new window)TxVulcano (opens new window)FloweeJS (opens new window)

Jonald Fyookball - developer of Electron Cash (opens new window), co-author of SLP token specification (opens new window)CashFusion (opens new window)

Karol Trzeszczkowski - developer of Mecenas plugin (opens new window)Last Will plugin (opens new window)Inter-Wallet transfer plugin (opens new window)Simple Escrow Plugin (opens new window)

Chris Pacia - BCHD (opens new window), Lead backend developer for Open Bazaar (opens new window) bringing decentralized marketplace to the world

Josh Ellithorpe (zquestz) - BCHD (opens new window)

Tyler S - BCHD (opens new window)

emergent_reasons - CEO of AnyHedge (opens new window) and GeneralProtocols (opens new window) (on read.cash (opens new window)), BCHD (opens new window)

Jason Cox - Bitcoin ABC (opens new window)

Joshua Green - Bitcoin Verde (opens new window)

Jonathan Silverblood - Cashual Wallet (opens new window)CashID (opens new window)CashAccounts (opens new window)

Pokkst - Crescent Cash (opens new window)tipbitcoin.cash (opens new window) (explainer video (opens new window)), bitcoincashj (opens new window)

Axel Gembe - Electron Cash (opens new window)

Calin Culianu - Electron Cash (opens new window), co-author of SLP token specification (opens new window)

Imaginary_Username - Electron Cash (opens new window)

AlwaysAn0n - CashShuffle.js (opens new window)

Chris Troutner - SLP SDK (opens new window)BITBOX SDK (opens new window)

James Cramer - SLPDB (opens new window)Electron Cash SLP (opens new window)

Jason Dreyzehner - Bitauth-ide (opens new window)CashChannels (opens new window)

Jonathan Toomim - creator of XThinner (opens new window)

Rosco Kalis - creator of CashScript language (opens new window)

Gabriel Cardona - Bitbox SDK (opens new window)

Tendo Pein - Spedn (opens new window) contract programming language

Mark B. Lundeberg - co-author of SLP token specification (opens new window)CashFusion (opens new window)

Vin Armani - founder of CoinText (opens new window) (send Bitcoins via SMS), creator of SLP Postage protocol (opens new window)

Kain_niaK - Bitcoin Cash enthusiast

Tobias Ruck - creator of the smart card that produces Bitcoin Cash signatures (opens new window)

Tireless moderators of r/btc (opens new window) (very important channel for Bitcoin Cash communications): BitcoinXio, MagmaHindenburg , evilrootreddit, Bitcoinopoly, BeijingBitcoins, BitcoinIsTehFuture

Egon_1 - Bitcoin Cash enthusiast (opens new window)

awemany - Bitcoin Unlimited (opens new window)Bitcoin ABC (opens new window), Storm, inflation bug finder extraordinaire

Andrea Suisani - Bitcoin Unlimited (opens new window), helped to create Bitcoin ABC (opens new window)

Dagur Valberg Johannsson - Bitcoin XT (opens new window)Bitcoin Unlimited (opens new window), ABC, Electron Cash (opens new window)

Peter Rizun - Bitcoin Unlimited (opens new window) (fee market w/o blocksize cap, subchains, 1 GB blocks test (opens new window)) w/ Andrew G. Stone

Andrew G. Stone - Bitcoin Unlimited (opens new window) lead developer, many contributions incl. on OP_CDS-/V (opens new window)1 GB blocks test (opens new window) w/ Peter Rizun

Peter Tschipper - Bitcoin Unlimited (opens new window) (parval, XthinBlocks)

Jihan Wu - mining supporter of big block contingency plan (UAHF) (opens new window) that became BCH

Haipo Yang - ViaBTC (opens new window) founder who mined the first Bitcoin Cash block

Jiang Zhuoer - BTC.top (opens new window), notable strategist and defender of Bitcoin Cash against hash-based attacks

Juan Garavaglia, Matteo Friedman, Guillermo Paoletti: bitPrim (opens new window) - quite instrumental in the launch of Bitcoin Cash

José - founder of EatBCH (opens new window)

Paul Wasensteiner - Bitcoin Cash Fund (opens new window) (BCF), Bitcoin Cash Association (opens new window) (BCA), earnest promoter of BCH and early supporter of hard fork

Justin Bons - Cyber Capital, Bitcoin evangelist (opens new window)

saddit42 - creator of LazyFox.io (opens new window)

rawb0t - creator of u/tippr (opens new window) and Rocketr.net (opens new window)

Jason Chavannes - one of the creators of memo.cash (opens new window)

Shun Usami - Founder of Yenom wallet (opens new window)

Corbin Fraser @maplesyrupsucker (opens new window) and @porlybe - co-creators of the txhighway.com (opens new window)

Anonymous creator of txstreet.com (opens new window)

Rick Falkvinge - CEO of BCH (opens new window) 😉

C. Edward Kelso - Editor-in-chief of CoinSpice (opens new window) / Host of the CoinSpice podcast

Adrian Barwicki - Creator of honest.cash (opens new window), a decentralized uncensorable platform to post your blogs

Akane Yokoo - Tokyo Bitcoin Cash meetup co-organizer (opens new window), promoting BCH adoption in Tokyo

alternativewinter - Host of the Bitcoin Cash YouTube channel with many episodes about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Cash information

Andreas Brekken - Founder of Shitcoin.com (opens new window)

BetaDollar - Started the "Bitcoin Out Loud (opens new window)" YouTube channel debunking Bitcoin Cash myths and other lies/propaganda regarding cryptocurrencies

Chronos - Started the "One Minute Crypto (opens new window)" channel on YouTube explaining crypto concepts within minutes, always with a smile on his face

Corbin Fraser - Bitcoin.com weekly YouTube video channel host (opens new window) and big Bitcoin Cash supporter

Corentin Mercier - This guy (opens new window) is spreading Bitcoin Cash adoption to merchants like crazy; created telegram BCH tipperbot (opens new window)

Emil Oldenburg - CTO of Bitcoin.com (opens new window) and really smart guy

Gavin Andresen - Satoshi Nakamoto handed over the development of Bitcoin to Gavin Andresen (opens new window) and is one of the granddaddy of cryptocurrencies

George Bissias - Play an important role on the graphene research and implementation in the BUcash (opens new window) project

Gloria Coronel - Help LocalBitcoinCash (opens new window) in many ways and was one of the most awesome girl in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem

Hayden Otto - Executive Editor of the CoinSpice (opens new window) team and appearing in many videos featuring how easy and fast it was to transact using Bitcoin Cash, Instrumental for merchant adoption in Australia

JajaaSB - Onboarding merchants in Thailand (opens new window) and looking fantastically awesome in these Bitcoin Cash videos

Jamie Redman - Wrote many articles (opens new window) about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Cash and had to endure constant harassments from mentally retarded bcash trolls

Jason Sheman - Made Bitcoin Cash fun again with all the interesting games over at Bitcoin.com

jessquit - Has maintained a clear message (opens new window) throughout multiple splits about the narrow path Bitcoin needs to navigate to become real p2p cash for the world

Kara - Help LocalBitcoinCash (opens new window) in many ways and was one of the most awesome girl in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem

kptnkook - Creator of the Cointext-Anypay videos and BCH Ambassador Program Organizer involving the Cointext-Anypay remittance solution

Leandro Di Marco - The one who started this idea of recognizing Bitcoin Cash folks in the ecosystem, leading to this Hall Of Fame (opens new window)

Lin Zerd - Writer of the CoinSpice team (opens new window)

Mike Hearn - (Medium (opens new window)) Stood up for big blocks when it wasn't cool back then. Now it's cool because Bitcoin Cash is awesome, we hope he comes back.

MobTwo - One of the biggest Bitcoin Cash supporters (opens new window) in the space

SatoshisSoul - Onboarded merchants in Barcelona and Venezuela (opens new window), an unsung hero in the quest for merchant adoption. - Started "The Real Bitcoin Club" and the bitcoinmap.cash (opens new window) mobile app where you can find merchants to spend your Bitcoin Cash

shadowofharbringer - Amazing RES investigative skills (opens new window) and outing shills, one Blockstream fly at a time

TaoJones - One of the most active tipper for BCH (opens new window), onboarding lots of new people into the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem

tracyspacy - Creator of memopay.xyz (opens new window) where you can advertise your products/services directly to Bitcoin Cash users

@Hostfat - moderator of many BCH chats, beta-tester of many applications, great collaborator of the community

Collin Enstad - host of Collin' It Like It Is (opens new window)

Alex Winter - Creator of satoshiwall.cash (opens new window)

Joannes Vermorel - Author of a lot of interesting ideas (opens new window) for Bitcoin Cash (Terabyte blocks for Bitcoin Cash (opens new window))

# Important contributors, that sadly have left Bitcoin Cash

Amaury Séchet - Bitcoin ABC (opens new window), arguably "creator of Bitcoin Cash (opens new window)"

Unwriter - co-author of SLP token specification (opens new window), creator of BitSocket (opens new window)BitQuery (opens new window)BitDB (opens new window)

Ryan X. Charles - co-author of SLP token specification (opens new window)

kyuupichan (Neil Booth) for his contributions to making Electrum work on Bitcoin Cash (via ElectrumX (opens new window) + Electron Cash (opens new window))

Tom Harding - Bitcoin XT (opens new window) lead developer, BCH DAA (opens new window) & double spend research

apagut - HandCash (opens new window)

Shammah Chancellor - ex-ABC (opens new window) developer

Antony Zegers - Bitcoin ABC (opens new window), formerly also Bitcoin Unlimited (opens new window)

donwonton - The guy behind the "Decentralized Thought (opens new window)" YouTube channel where Craig Wright shows off his watches (opens new window) in an attempt to humiliate donwonton but he handled it gracefully

# Notable sources

https://1bch.com/?action=showHallOfFameFrame (opens new window)