# Bitcoin Cash: Sites and applications

Originally published on read.cash (opens new window)

This is a list of finished products that are "Bitcoin Cash first"

memo.cash (opens new window) - uncensored site like Twitter, uses Bitcoin Cash for tipping and publishing (it costs about $0.001 to publish an update)

member (opens new window) - uncensored Reddit (similar to memo.cash in other regards)

purse.io (opens new window) - buy things from Amazon with significant discounts using Bitcoin Cash

cryptotopaypal.com (opens new window) - BCH to PayPal (and vice versa)

read.cash (opens new window) - publish your articles, get upvotes in Bitcoin Cash

noise.cash (opens new window) - post short messages, get tips in Bitcoin Cash

tewtew.com (opens new window) - earn BCH each time someone watches your video

bitcoincash.network/voting (opens new window) - IFP (infrastructure funding proposal) vote monitoring

lazyfox.io (opens new window) - do things, get paid in Bitcoin Cash

bitcartcc.com (opens new window) - create your Bitcoin Cash store (hosted or self-hosted, read more (opens new window))

tipbitcoin.cash (opens new window) - tipping Bitcoin Cash for Twitch users

bitbirdy.com (opens new window) - Bath & Beauty, Beard & Skincare, BitBirdy Swag, Home Goods, Jewelry & Watches, Kitchen, Novelty, Sports & Outdoor, Tech Gadgets, Travel Gear

chaintip on Reddit (opens new window) and on Twitter (opens new window) - give nice people tips on Reddit and Twitter

tips.bitcoin.com (opens new window) - printable expiring Bitcoin Cash tips

Marco Coino (opens new window)where2.cash (opens new window) - maps of merchants accepting Bitcoin Cash

local.bitcoin.com (opens new window) - non-custodial (can't steal your money) exchange of Bitcoin Cash to local and online currency

CoinText (opens new window) - send and receive Bitcoin Cash using SMS only

fullstack.cash (opens new window) - BCH Blockchain-as-a-service

explore.fullstack.cash (opens new window) - Web-based UI for interacting with the BCH-api REST API

neutrino.cash (opens new window) - the fast, light and privacy-preserving Bitcoin Cash wallet.

Haven app (opens new window) - buy and sell stuff for Bitcoin Cash with no commissions

local.bitcoin.com/goods/Buy (opens new window) - buy and sell stuff for Bitcoin Cash

Cryptophyl (opens new window) - exchange for SLP tokens (opens new window) (tokens on Bitcoin Cash blockchain, including the regulated USDH stablecoin (opens new window) pegged to US Dollar)

TXstreet (opens new window) - visualization of Bitcoin Cash blocks (vs Bitcoin BTC blocks)

Blockchain.poker (opens new window) - Poker using Bitcoin Cash

CashID (opens new window) - identity protocol ("Login using Bitcoin Cash") with identity manager app (beta)

donatebutton.cash (opens new window) - generate a button for your site for users to donate Bitcoin Cash

CashAddress.org (opens new window) - generate Bitcoin Cash wallets

CashAccount.info (opens new window) - reserve a name for yourself (send money to Alex#120938 (opens new window) instead of bitcoincash:qe7je30j2j32j3.....)

Gateway.cash (opens new window) - accept Bitcoin Cash (PayButton)

DoubleSpend.cash (opens new window) - statistics of double-spending attempts (currently out of last 3362 attempts, none were successful if sent more than 1 second later)

Free.Bitcoin.com (opens new window) - faucet (gives a small amount of Bitcoin Cash to start using it)

CashTippr (opens new window) - WordPress plugin to receive Bitcoin Cash tips

WhoTipped.it (opens new window) - displays last tips given on memo.cash

BCHnodes.online (opens new window)CashNodes.io (opens new window) - data about Bitcoin Cash nodes

Bitcoin Cash register (opens new window) - accept Bitcoin Cash At Retail Locations

CashGames.bitcoin.com (opens new window) - online gambling using Bitcoin Cash

AcceptBitcoin.Cash (opens new window)GreenPages.cash (opens new window)Cryptwerk.com/pay-with/bch (opens new window) - big lists of merchants accepting BCH

SatoshiDice.com (opens new window) - online gambling using Bitcoin Cash

BitcoinCashNotes (opens new window) - paper wallets

TheFutureOfBitcoin.cash (opens new window) - website about development of Bitcoin Cash

BitcoinAliens (opens new window) - earn small amounts Bitcoin Cash for playing games

bchpls.io (opens new window) - Bitcoin Cash Point-of-sale system

BCHcoffee.org (opens new window) - rewards are given out to coffee shops for giving Bitcoin Cash payments a chance, anyone who brings them on board gets half the reward

SimpleCash.co (opens new window) - like Stripe for Bitcoin Cash (how to get an invite (opens new window))

signup.cash (opens new window) - JavaScript for your site to request user payment in Bitcoin Cash or posting to memo.cash

googol.cash (opens new window) - earn Bitcoin Cash translating things or pay with Bitcoin Cash to get something translated (read more (opens new window))

fountainhead.cash (opens new window) - a lot of Bitcoin Cash tools for developers

tippr/reddit (opens new window) - Bitcoin Cash tipping on Reddit

bchwars.com (opens new window) - vote for stuff with your Bitcoin Cash stash (just send a small amount of 546 sats to vote with your full amount)

SLP tokens (opens new window) - just like Ethereum tokens, but much cheaper ($0.001 per transaction), including our own fully-regulated stablecoin USDH (opens new window)

podium.cash (opens new window) - rating of the most popular SLP tokens

tutorial.cash (opens new window) - a lot of information about BCH and SLP tokens

vanity.cash (opens new window) - personalize your wallet or social media profile with a custom Bitcoin Cash address

# Some interesting things to read:

Know of any other apps? Let us know in the comments.

# Suspended

honest.cash (opens new window) - similar to read.cash - upvotes with Bitcoin Cash

# Possibly defunct

NakamotoGame nakamotogame.com - online gambling using Bitcoin Cash

BitcoinCashForum.online - Bitcoin Cash forum

CASHBOX (opens new window) - paywalls using Bitcoin Cash

satoshiwall.cash (opens new window) - paywalls using Bitcoin Cash (publish content, users need to pay to reveal the contents)

c4.cash (opens new window) - (not BCH specific, but worth a mention) purchase Steam, Amazon, Google Play, AppStore gift cards anonymously