Develop using Bitcoin Cash

JavaScript →

Non-custodial client-side wallets
in user's browser


Enterprise wallet
on your own server

SmartBCH →

Bitcoin Cash side-chain


Multiple programming languages

For your backend or your frontend (JavaScript - natively; Python, Go, PHP, Ruby, etc - via REST)

Includes CashScript

High-level Bitcoin Cash contracts programming language

SLP tokens, including NFT (collectibles)

Mint your own tokens and distribute them

Automatic currency conversion

Send $0.10 at the current exchange rate just as easy as 0.1 BCH

Works with TestNet and RegTest networks

No need to spend real money, test with your local node

TestNet coins faucet

Get your TestNet coins!

Sign and verify strings

Useful for verification of address ownership

Escrow contracts

For non-custodial marketplaces

SmartBCH support

EVM(Ethereum)-compatible side-chain that uses Bitcoin Cash using the same interface

Instant cheap transactions

Bitcoin Cash network is production ready with less than 1 cent transaction fees and hundreds of thousands of transactions per day